DIY: Daphne and Vilma from Scooby Doo Halloween Costume


Are you another fan of the famous detective team? If Daphne and Velma are your favorites for this Halloween, here are a few ideas I found online to create your own costume.

Daphne’s costume isn’t a mystery! In the video below you can see how to make the outfit.


In the following video you can take an idea of the makeup to match your Daphne or Vilma costume.

And here’s how you can dress up as Vilma in more than one versions.

Of course the right wig is what’s going to make the whole look complete.

image source


  1. Α!!!! Είναι τέλεια!!!!
    Η Δάφνη μου άρεσε πάντα, μα για… Βίλμα με κόβω! χαχα!
    Καλή εβδομάδα!!!

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