Baby On Board: How to Financially Prepare for a Baby

Did you know that it costs over $230,000 to raise a child in America as a middle-income household? This doesn’t even account for college expenses which could easily match that number.

Simply put, it’s extremely expensive to raise a child. However, you shouldn’t feel helpless. Preparing financially for a baby is not impossible.

In fact, there are plenty of tips and tricks you can use to create a bright future for your child. Keep reading to learn all about how to financially prepare for a baby.

Make a Financial Plan

The best way to get ready financially to have a baby is by working on a plan. The worst thing you can do is wing it and hope that the finances end up working out on their own.

Rather, you need to calculate how much money you can put aside every week in preparation for the baby. Keep in mind that you might be putting away less if one of you has to take time off of work to stay with the newborn, for instance.

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Start Saving Now

When it comes to the question of how to financially plan for a baby, you should be saving starting yesterday. Don’t worry, however, because there are many ways you can pump up your savings.

For example, using coupons when shopping might seem like a hassle that isn’t worth it but the savings can really add up over time.

Consider Child Care

If both parents are working and there’s no responsible person in the household to watch the baby, then you must factor in the cost of childcare.

Of course, you can save a lot of money if one parent can stay home, but that’s not always possible. In that case, you need to look into local daycare facilities as soon as possible because they often have waiting lists.

You’ll be glad to know that your employer might be able to offer an FSA (Flexible Savings Account) which would allow you to use pre-tax dollars for daycare. You can also take advantage of a childcare tax credit.

Demolish Your Other Debt

The last thing you want to worry about when raising a child is a heap of unrelated debt. To get ready for a baby financially, you should do everything you can to pay off credit card debt, your mortgage, and anything else that might be weighing down your bank account.

When one or more of these debts are gone, you’ll have extra money to put toward raising your child.

Now You Know How to Financially Prepare for a Baby

Now that you’ve learned about how to financially prepare for a baby, you shouldn’t feel overwhelmed. Parenting is hard work but raising a child is a special experience that will make everything worth it.

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