Gold bags styles

Carrie Bradshaw knows about shoes, but I know about bags. I like bying bags that I never use at the end, but I don’t usually spend much money on them.

So, today I will show you my collection of gold bags.

The first one isn’t really mine, I bought it for my sister as a gift. The same day I bought one for me which I’ll show some other day as it isn’t gold.

I like this second bag because of the nail design, I think it is sexy. I would carry this bag to go out for a drink. Is it too much?

This is a little gold purse I fell in love with at first sight, but as you can see I haven’t used it yet.

black dress
A gold bag can be matched with a black dress.
This is another purse I have never used. It is small and elegant and could be carried in formal events.
If you aren’t afraid to be extreme, you can wear a gold top to match your gold bag, but this can be a disaster.
I prefer a gold bag with a total black outfit and maybe you can also wear a gold pair of high-heeled shoes.


This is a bag you can carry in the morning. It is a light gold colour and can be worn even with jeans as it has got a simple design.
Another little purse I have never used is this one in bronze colour. You can carry it the whole day, as it can be easily matched with casual or formal clothes.
This is another bag I love, but maybe I have used it only once. It isn’t really gold, it is olive but has a gold tone.
So, which one do you prefer?
You can also see my black bags here.

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