Beauty preparations 2 weeks before my wedding

Oh, my God! In two weeks I’m getting married and I don’t know if I’m ready yet. I don’t think that my life will really change as I’m already married, but this time it’s going to be different because we have invited a lot of people to our religious wedding and that makes me nervous. I have to look nice because some people are going to see me for the first time.

So, my appearance is one of the things I’m concerned about. I still don’t know what makeup I’m going to do, I have imagined what I want to look like, but I haven’t tried anything yet.

Maybe I should try some makeup looks and let you help me find the right one. I also want to try different kinds of foundation to choose which one works better for me. A few days ago I bought a makeup sponge to apply my makeup. I usually use my fingertips for my every day makeup, but a brush for more cared looks. The sponge wasn’t something I had planned to buy, but
It was recommended to me and I thought I should give it a try. It costs 4,05 euros, but it is supposed to last for years as you can wash it and use it again.

The next thing I have to look after is my hair. You have already taken some idea from my bridal hair rehearsal and you know I want something very simple, but my hair needs to be shiny as it is an important part of my image. That’s why I bought this Italian hair mask which I hadn’t heard before, but the girl at the shop insisted that it is a professional one and I will be satisfied with the result. It costs 8,45 euros so I hope it is really good, I could have bought more popular brands for less money. I have already used it four times, it smells very nice even the next day, but I applied enough quantity to feel the softness on my hair. I was told to use it instead of my conditioner.

I also bought a black eye pencil, not that I really needed it but it is the product I use the most. 

It is this Tommy G pencil.

The next thing I’m worried about is my smile. My teeth aren’t as white as I want them. I have just come back from my dentist for a cleansing, but I also bought a whitening toothpaste. You must use it twice a day for a week. I already used it for eight days, but I can’t really see a difference. I have taken a before photo, I will also take an after photo and compare. I bought it for 7,70 euros. I hope my teeth don’t look yellow in the photos. The best man has got such white teeth that I won’t let him smile next to me!

Something else that I said I would be doing was to work out, but I didn’t have the time. I will try to do what I can these two weeks.
In a few words, I’m not ready at all, but I hope that everything will be fine in the end.
Next week I should refresh my hair dye and I should start taking care of my face. Last night I applied a face peeling and mask.
I still have to find the appropriate bra for the dress and see if I will wear any jewellery.
That day I hope I will have the time I need to get ready. At the political wedding a few years ago I was doing housework until the last minute and I did my makeup in a hurry without having planned anything.

I have already picked up my dress and the bonbonieres, have sent almost all the invitations, but there are crucial things we haven’t done yet.
Is there anything I have forgotten?

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