Makeup based on hair-eyes colour-Part 2

We have already talked about what makeup looks good on you according to your characteristics in Makeup based on hair-eyes colour-Part 1 . Now some more advice about different types of women.

If you like very natural look and your hair has a sweet shade like honey blonde,light copper or chestnut you can choose earth eyeshadows like brown and copper. In case you have brown eyes, purple shades are suitable for you as they can even give a greenish tone to your eyes.

For a woman with black hair and dark eyes but a light complexion coral tones can give a healthy look on her face. If you apply a light eyeshadow like beige or pink, you can add brown or red shades on your lips. I also like olive green as an eyeshadow. For more formal occasions burgundy can be applied on your lips.

A dark complexion looks very elegant with dark hair like black or dark brown. I like shades of brown and red base or purple on the lips. Halle Berry is a nice example of beauty. Her eyes are highlighted with brown colours.

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