Diary of Bliss : Second week

This is the second week of Diary of Bliss, a weekly challenge started by Katerina from http://positive-thinking-greece.blogspot.gr/ where we have to write moments in our lives which make us happy. You can see previous week’s post here.

Katerina also wanted to thank me for giving her some awards and she offered me these two beautiful pictures. Thank you very much!

Maybe I feel that nothing really good happened during the week, but I will try to turn bad things into good ones.

-Summer is over, but Christmas is coming. I love decorating the house!
-My baby dropped my mobile phone in the toilet, nevertheless, it didn’t break down even after the intensive sterilization.
-I didn’t go anywhere special, but on Sunday we all gathered for lunch at my sister’s house to celebrate my niece’s entry to university. I considered it as an opportunity to do a nice makeup.
-I still haven’t finished a book I started in August, but I managed to read a few pages. (I’m such a cruel person, I have left a little girl in a murderer’s hands. I should continue reading!)
-I had to empty a cupboard because my son opened it and took everything out, but now it has become a cute corner in the living room where we put his books and he enjoys sitting in.
-I’m fed up with eating yoghurt which is recommended while I’m taking antibiotics, but I felt a sense of achievement when I swallowed a whole pill without breaking it into pieces or melting it. I have to admit though, this happened only once.

So, there is always a good aspect in everything as long as you are willing to discover it.

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