Swarovski jewellery with memory wire

swarovski bracelets
swarovski bracelets

What I really love about swarovski crystals is their sparkle.
Today I’m going to show you how to create bracelets with memory wire.

What you need is : memory wire 6mm, flat, metal connectors with 5 holes and swarovski crystals (about 240 pieces).

Memory wire is a durable wire which doesn’t easily bend and it retains its shape. You can try it on your wrist to decide how much of it you are going to need to create your bracelets. You don’t need any clasps, as you can secure the ends by turning them with a pair of pliers.

Instead of just passing the crystals through the wire, I decided to make it a little more difficult. By putting it on my wrist I cut five equal pieces of it so that they can cover my wrists.
I started with the first wire, with the pliers I turned one of the ends so that the crystals wouldn’t fall. Then I put a connector with 5 holes and I filled twelve swarovski crystals in the first hole. I repeated with the second wire and then the rest of them until I had five pieces of memory wire with the same number of crystals (the quantity can vary and you can use less or more than 12 crystals). When the metal holes had been all filled with 12 crystals, I put another metal connector and I repeated with more crystal beads. When I had used 5 connectors I turned the other end of each wire and the bracelet was ready.

You can match the bracelets with similar necklaces with even one piece of wire or you can create

You can use any colours of your preference. I have also made these bracelets with two lines of wire which I have joined with metal connectors moon-shaped with crystals on.               .

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