necklaces with bead stringing wire


If you want to create your own jewellery
using bead stringing wire you can achieve it by following these simple instructions.
To make this kind of necklace you need

  1.  a pack of bead stringing wire
  2. a few crimp beads (stops)
  3. two brass clasp endings
  4. two small brass rings
  5. one lobster clasp
  6. a pair of scissors and pliers
  7. beads of any colour or material (make sure their open parts are small enough for the crimp beads to hold)

bracelet with stringing wire

  • First cut the number of wire pieces that you are going to need. It is recommended to start with the shortest one . Put it around your neck and cut depending on how loose you want it to be. Then continue with the next one, put it next to the previous wire and make it a little longer (again you can put it around your neck to see how long you want it).
  • When you have cut all the pieces of wire, start putting beads through them. It is advisable to start with the shortest wire again and every time you go to the next one compare them and check if the beads on them have the appropriate distances. To stabilise the beads, press one crimp bead to each side.
  • When you have finished with all the beads, hold all the pieces of wire from one of their edges and hold them together with a brass clasp ending. Use the pliers to compress them. Repeat with the other edges.
  • Take the brass rings and put them through the round parts of the clasp endings. On one of them place the lobster clasp.                                        



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