Simple Christmas make up, my December news and a surprise

Lately I haven’t had time to write any personal posts, so today I thought I should combine a make up look with my news.
I have recently been to a wedding and this is the make up I did. My niece had a small break from her university and came home, so I had the chance to borrow two eyeshadow palettes. The first one that I used for this make up is from H+M and I bought it for her on her birthday. When I purchased it I didn’t know that this brand also sells cosmetics, so I had no idea if they were going to be good. 
My camera ran out of batteries after I had taken only 2 photos and I had to take the rest with my mobile, that’s why the colours look funny.

Here you can see the eyeshadows I used.

These days I have been very busy and spend time with the boy I’m in love with, my son! Most days I don’t turn the computer on in the morning. We go to the park so that he plays with other little kids. Instead of going to the one near our house we walk to another park a little further because it looks safer and there are always other boys at the same age.

We are learning words, numbers, a lot of things. I could be talking about him for hours, but I will stop here.

I’m also excited and anxious as I was asked to do the make up at a Christmas event in my area. I hope everything goes fine and I’m not sick like every Christmas!

I have promised myself that I will take care and I will try to have a rest, but until now only a few times I managed to go to bed before 2 a.m. And sometimes I don’t even spend time on blogging, so my sweet Evonita, don’t worry if you don’t have time to visit your blogger friends, you aren’t the only one!

I would also like to thank Jennifer. She makes me feel like I’m an important person. She even asked me in private about a little girl I posted on facebook and google+ who has serious health problems and I wanted to ask people to help. She’s a wonderful person!

For the end I have left the best. You know how with many of you we have come close and we say that it would be great to meet some day. Well, a few days ago I was at somebody’s place and I read a birthday card decorated in the house. Reading the card, I had the feeling it was written by a blogger I know. You aren’t going to believe it, but I was right. It seems that we have someone in common and we must have met a few times. Unbelievable! I don’t know if she wants me to reveal her name, but I contacted her and she couldn’t believe it either.

That’s all for now! I could go on talking for hours, but I’m afraid I will tire you. I hope you’re all healthy and happy!


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