Gift ideas for Valentine’s Day

Love is…
 to fall in love at first sight

Love is…
  to miss him when he’s not at your side

Love is…
  to love him like your child

On February 14th, we celebrate Love. So if you want to express your special feelings to the one you are in love with, you can do it now. If you are one of those who believe that love should be shown every day and Valentine’s Day is only a commercial trick, maybe you are right, but we all need some romance in our lives.

You can show your love with one word, one kiss, one song. You can share a day, a night, a bar of chocolate or your whole life to prove your love. But we live in a material world so when we talk about gifts we usually mean something more concrete. Here you can see some ideas.

If your man is a romantic type, he will be pleased even with a collage of your photos, a card with a poem written by you or a mix tape with your favourite songs.

For a man who has a special relationship with food, you can surprise him with dinner at his house where you have decorated the place with roses and heart-shaped balloons. This isn’t recommended in case he lives with his family as you can end up having dinner with his mum!

Teddy bears and heart-shaped cushions are suitable for this day. Do you think that you are too old for these things? It is even sweeter to offer this kind of gifts if you are a grown-up to show that you are in love with him like a crazy teenager.

A man addicted to technology would love a digital photo frame, a new camera or a home cinema. In case you live together you are going to enjoy them too so this can make you more willing to spend a large amount of money on his gift.

If you wanted to make him change his wardrobe this is your chance to do it by bying him a new shirt, a pair of shoes or a suit and tie. But you risk to make him feel offended as you don’t appreciate his own taste in clothes.

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For an adventure guy you could organise rock-climbing with your friends, bungee jumping or a paintball day. Make sure you get a life insurance first!

In case you are in a new relationship and you don’t feel ready for something very personal, you can just have fun at your favourite cafe or bar.

If you have been together for too long and you have tried everything else, maybe it’s time to take your relationship to the next level and leave him speechless with a marriage proposal. If you hesitate because you’re afraid of a negative reply, this is a way to find out his true intentions. What is not meant to be, it is not meant to be. Good luck!

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Happy Valentine’s Day!


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