Beauty Blogger Headquarters:March’s task

Beauty Blogger HeadquartersThis month we will be chatting about editing programs for all your photos and videos. 

What tires me the most when I make new posts is editing the photos. I would prefer to just add the photos from my camera without consuming any time on that, but I choose to spend some time on this issue as images are an important part of my blog posts.

I usually take photos for my future posts and when I have time I edit them and create the new posts.

I have already mentioned here that I don’t own a professional camera, so I’m trying my best to present decent photos. I edit the size of my photos and put my watermark and sometimes I also give brightness to them, but I don’t want to make dramatic changes to the original images.

There are times that I want to play with the photos and make them more artistic like the photo below.
Lately I’ve been using Picasa to edit my photos. The truth is I haven’t experimented with other programs. In the past I only cropped the pictures with the Paint.

Now, videos is another story. At the beginning of my blog I made various videos. Then it was hard for me, so for a long time I haven’t created any videos.

When I filmed the videos I had to find some space in the house, prepare the background, when it was a make up tutorial find a model as I don’t like to be the model, and have somebody to shoot for me as I want to make sure we have good shots and zoom whenever it’s necessary.

The way I do the videos is like that, I film and then while I edit and try to shorten the video, I use subtitles to explain what I do and use music to cover the videos. Some of my videos have original music from ‘Beauty and the Mist’.

My cameraman was also the person who did most of the editing as back then I was a new mum and I only spent time for the subtitles and the music. For this part of the editing I think I used YouTube’s website. So, in my next videos I’ll have to see what I’ll do. If there are any new videos!

Although I have stayed back at making videos, my most popular post on the blog is my Indian Bridal make up video with almost 5000 views only on the blog. Of course I dedicate it to my Indian girlfriends!

What about you? Have you got any suggestions on editing programs?
Many bloggers complain that they don’t have any space left on their blogs to upload new photos. Which programs do you use? Do you recommend free programs or purchased?

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