My March news: a lot of stress, a lot of gifts and blue dreams!

Spring is here! The weather is still cold, but I can see the freckles on my face. This month has been the luckiest of my life, I won a lot of gifts. But it was a month full of stress. I was so scared about an examination I would have in the first trimester of my pregnancy. When you have been pregnant before, you know what you are going to deal with, but you are also afraid that some bad experience may repeat again.

Even from the first day of March I heard good news. I won a hand cream from mystickland‘s giveaway. I would like to thank her again not only for the gift, but for the beautiful card she sent me as well.
That was just the beginning, as I was lucky enough to win two other giveaways too. I will let you know about them as soon as I receive the gifts.

This month was fun as it was also the Greek carnival time, so my son dressed up to go to a party and we even had the chance to go to the zoo again. Very tiring! I can wait for a couple of years before I visit it again.

These days I didn’t have a rest. Nobody forced me to do other things instead of taking a nap when my son sleeps too, but I preferred to blog, create new items for my shop and have a million thoughts about everything.
And most of the day I’m alone with my son so it’s impossible not to do forbidden things and get tired.

The night before I go to the maternity hospital for the examination I was so stressed I couldn’t sleep. In the morning my heart was going to break. At the end everything went well and we even found out that I’m going to have a boy! I would be happy whether it would be a girl or a boy, all that matters is to have a healthy baby, but I was very curious to know because now I can dream of him. I imagine how my two boys will play together, will be best friends and will make damages in the house! Now I know who I’m talking to when I touch my big belly. Yes, it’s already big, I wonder how nobody notices when I wait in long queues. Grrrrrr!

People think that the ideal family is to have a son and a daughter, but I’ve always imagined myself with boys. Nevertheless, in both pregnancies before we were told the baby’s sex I also imagined having a little princess in a pink bedroom with everything pink. I wanted to imagine both options to make sure I’m not unfair to whatever my kid would be at the end. When I tell people I’m going to have another boy they seem to be disappointed or they think this isn’t what I wanted. A neighbour even told me “I’m sorry for you”. 

Parents should feel blessed just that they have the chance to have a baby. There are people who love kids and they didn’t have the chance to become parents, so don’t take anything for granted. Love your kids! There are people who don’t deserve to be parents and there are wonderful people who struggle their whole life to have one and they really love children.

I have more news to share with you, but I’ll write another post.
What about you? Any news? I hope you’re happy and healthy!

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