Beauty Bloggers Headquarters-May’s task:Beautiful collections

This month we will be chatting about beautiful collections. 
In the past I used to have a room full of cosmetics and girly things.
But when my son was born I had to limit my beauty space. When he started walking, I had to hide everything and I created my secret drawer. Do you remember it?

But then he discovered that too and now I don’t use it much. I have put a stool in front of it and I only open it when I want to hide a gift or other beauty products.

My secret drawyer then and now.

I have recently started using again a case I had bought a few years ago. But I think it is something temporary as it isn’t very convenient.

If I have something for a long time and I don’t use it, I give it to somebody else, mum, sister, niece. I try not to keep products which are very old, but sometimes it’s difficult to throw away some things.

I separate my cosmetics into categories: lip products, eyeshadows, pencils, etc.

What I can’t live without is my black eye pencil. What I use the least is lipstick.

I have a case for my brushes and I try to wash them regularly. I usually clean them every time I use them. I only use my blush brush more times without washing it. Most times, I apply eyeshadow with my fingertips.

I keep my nail polishes and other beauty stuff in a piece of furniture in the bathroom.

A few years ago, my husband bought me a hair iron. I haven’t used it many times, I may use it more when I grow my hair longer.

I rarely use hair accessories, but I have a big collection of them.

And now let’s see my nail products. I don’t dye my nails very often, so I have given most of my nail polishes and nail art tools to my nieces. 

I have already written about my perfume collection.

I keep sample bottles in small jars I have decorated myself, but I forget to use them. I usually fall in love with a perfume and I can’t change it.

I think I have found the perfect case for my cosmetics, but I haven’t purchased it yet.
But a friend of mine has bought it and as her blog isn’t about make up, she will share her shopping here with all of us soon!

Beauty Blogger Headquarters

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