Moon stories

Every night my son and I look for the moon in the sky. There are nights we can’t see a sign of the moon, some other times it’s there shining among tiny stars.
Some evenings we go for a walk looking for the moon. 

When we look around and we can’t see it anywhere we get disappointed. Then, I put my son to bed and there I spot it, so I like to take a photo of it to show him the next day.

When the moon doesn’t hide, it’s always my son who sees it first and he calls me to see it too. So, one day he was shouting that he could see the moon. I looked at him and I was about to tell him that it was too early for the moon to come out. But suddenly, I look up in the sky and I can see a pale moon over our heads during daytime.
I’m sure it likes that we search for it all the time and it plays tricks!

When I was little I thought that the moon was where dead people go. 

Although the moon is so naughty and we can’t always find it in the sky, it’s the sunrise that is always hard to take a photo of.

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