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I still can remember the day I walked into the gleaming altar and be wed with the man that I love. Every single moment of that day was magical. I never thought that I’d be fortunate enough to fulfill my dream of being a princess and end up with my prince charming. I used to daydream about this moment when I was a little girl, you know, a fairy tale happy ending. And I’m glad that I got my share of happy endings in this real world we live in.

My wedding was not a grand affair, but I consider it magical because every aspect of this marriage was almost perfect. Let me start off with the venue. Well, I used to fancy a garden wedding full of lush trees and colorful flowers around the place.

Thankfully, my friend had a wonderful garden resort and she offered her place so that I can have my dream wedding. Next would have to be the wedding dress. This part was simple since I have already narrowed down my choices on 2 wedding dress designs and these were the princess wedding dresses and ball gown wedding dresses. In fact here are some pics of the gown designs I’ve eyed upon before the wedding:

 I like this because of the rose pattern designs at the front and the flowing trail at the back which exudes the feeling of being a princess.

This one caught my attention because of the perfect blend of colors and the regal magnificence that emanates all over the dress.

 This is also a fine dress because of the seasonal colors and the intricate details that depicts a majestic feeling.

And this one, no words can even describe how this dress lured my senses and inspired me to realize my childhood dream.
In the end, I finally decided to go for the red/white wedding dress because I wanted to look more of a real life princess at my big day. And I did manage to pull off a great look!
And lastly, I was so blessed because apart from being with the man that I love, all the people I wanted to be with on that day came to celebrate with us. They all shared my happiness in making my dream wedding came true and I will forever cherish this lovely day.
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