Feel like a goddess with DressVenus

Whenever I see the word Venus I think of a beautiful woman, as Venus was the goddess of beauty. Every woman should feel like a goddess inside her clothes. Dressvenus can bring you closer to your divine self as it offers clothes, shoes and accessories which can bring out the best of you.

At my first visit on the site I fell in love with these pairs of ankle boots. If Santa were a woman, she would wear this red pair.

Personally, I can’t get out of my mind this white pair in the middle. I think they’re the most beautiful shoes I have ever seen! I can imagine a winter bride wearing them. I have even found two different types of wedding dress to match them.

Yes, there is a great variety of wedding dresses as well as wedding party and special occasion dresses.

Below you can see some dresses I would choose as a guest to a wedding. Which one do you prefer?

On the site I also found a huge variety of casual clothes. You can find bags and shoes to match them.

I also took a look at their accessories section. There are some unique pieces of jewellery and here are some of my favourites.

I will wait and share with you Dressvenus best after christmas sale and suggest you Dressvenus 2014 new year gifts.

If you would like to visit the site and see more, please click on the photo below.

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