Using feather false lashes from BornPrettyStore

I have created this eye make up using feather false eyelashes from BornPrettyStore. In a previous post I did my make up with a palette from this site. Here I have transformed that eye make up by adding the dark blue eyeshadow from the same palette and highlighted more with the turquoise shade.
As you can see, I have also placed some star-shaped stickers next to my eye. With a lot of imagination this could be a bird flying in the sky!

I had been thinking of buying a pair of ‘crazy’ false lashes for a long time, but I didn’t know what colour to choose.
They weren’t difficult to place. Even if you haven’t put on false lashes before, it’s easy to wear them. And the fact that they are big and they cover your eyelid makes it easier, as it can’t be visible if you have misplaced them.
They can be worn with a Halloween costume or for special professionals like dancers.
BornPrettyStore is offering a coupon code especially for Beauty and the Mist’s friends.
Use the code DKH10 to enjoy 10% off your order.


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