DIY: Cosmetic case

In a previous post I presented the new cases I bought to store my cosmetics. What you don’t know is that I tried to create my own case before I purchase one.
I wanted to think of objects in the house which would be appropriate to be transformed into beauty cases.

Until recently I used a big metallic case which fitted almost all my cosmetics, but it was too big and took up a lot of space in my room. In addition, it wasn’t suitable to carry. Maybe you remember it from my collection tour here.

Then I started using a smaller plastic case which I had bought in the past for my nail art tools. it was convenient as it had enough space, but it had two disadvantages. Although its size was great, it was very tall and I couldn’t put it on my bedroom’s shelves. Moreover, it didn’t have a lock and I was afraid it would open during a trip. You can’t see a photo here, now it’s the place where I keep my beads.

After that I remembered another case, one I hate as it brings back bad memories. Several years ago I bought it full of cosmetics. I went home happy as I thought I would spend the day playing with my new purchase. Unfortunately the quality of everything it contained was horrible. I gave all the eyeshadows, lipsticks and pencils to my nieces to play with their dolls and the only thing I kept was a lip gloss. Now it’s a case to store some accessories. 
I gave it a try as a potential beauty case, but it is too small. It’s still my jewellery box. 

Long time ago I received this set of cutlery. Since I first saw it I made plans about the case! I like that it’s red and I thought it would be perfect to store something girly. 



The problem was that it didn’t have any separated sections, so I had to find a way to divide it into smaller parts. After I had emptied it, I put inside some adhesive paper, but I didn’t really stick it as I wasn’t sure if I would like the result.

Then I looked for paper boxes. That wasn’t difficult as I love boxes and I have plenty. I also used the black brush case from my metal case and it was ready to host my cosmetics.
Of course I wasn’t satisfied with this case either, so I ended up with my new cases I presented here and I really love them. 
Lately I have bought several new things and as I haven’t found the time to organise them I have put some in my secret drawer.


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