Would you buy footwear online? My new shoes from Sammydress

Many times I have bought a new pair of shoes and I end up not wearing them because either the size is wrong or they hurt my feet!
So, whenever I see a pair I like on the Internet I resist and don’t buy it because I suppose it will be even more difficult to find the right shoes without trying them on.
This time I decided to take the risk and order these wedges for a review from Sammydress.com. 

It wasn’t the first time I had seen a pair of shoes that I liked on this site, but the reason I hadn’t ordered before was that although the price of a pair of sandals can be very affordable, sometimes the shipping cost can double the price. This time I thought of choosing wisely the pair I would order.

Of course I wouldn’t buy any pair if I didn’t like it just because of the price. First, I chose one pair, I pretended I would buy it by adding it in my bag, I clicked on my country and I was able to see the shipping cost. I had to do this process a few times until I found a pair that wouldn’t be heavy, so the shipping fee wouldn’t be high and I wouldn’t exceed the amount I wanted to reach. And you know what? At the end I ended up with this pair I ordered that I really love! I can’t figure out how I hadn’t seen these sandals earlier as they are really cute. They are also available in pink, but beige will match more of my outfits. 

But just to find a pair I like and within the money I could spend wasn’t enough, I had to make sure they would fit me.
If you notice this design is adjustable to your size as the bow at the top can be tightened or loosened. The length couldn’t be a problem either. I ordered according to their measurements, but in case of a mistake that it was an open pair would make it easier to wear it.

their pink version

Eventually I received my shoes and like a modern Cinderella I was happy to find out that my shoes were the right size and they were exactly like in the photos. I’m not used to wearing high-heeled shoes, but this pair is very easy to wear as they are very light and the whole sole is elevated and your feet don’t get tired. 

I also ordered a pair of gel cushions which protect the feet and make you feel less pressure. I have used something similar before and I think they are useful if you are going to wear high heels for a long time. They are soft and you don’t feel uncomfortable while you’re wearing them. Sometimes I am afraid they are going to slip off my sandals, but I don’t think this has ever happened to me. 

If you asked me if I would order shoes from the Internet again, my answer would be positive. I love the shoes I received and they wouldn’t be any better if I had bought them from a shop.
But again I would choose a pair that would have low shipping cost and it would be a design that would probably fit me.
If you intend to order a pair of shoes for a specific event, you should place your order more than a month before that date to make sure you have them on time.
These are some other pairs of shoes I like on SammyDress. The one in the middle has stolen my heart!
I would also like to thank Sammydress for the gifts they sent to my previous giveaways’ winners!!!

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