Before we say goodbye to Summer! Castalia Helioderm Products

Several weeks ago I was happily surprised with this package from Castalia. Last year I had tried some samples from this company and I was glad that now I could use their full size products as it would help me have a more clear opinion about them.

 I wish I had received them a little sooner as my Summer holidays ended in July before I had them in my hands, but a sunscreen is never absent from my daily routine.

The first product is Helioderm fluide SPF 50, a high protection face sunscreen. I’ve been wearing it since the first day I received it even when I stay indoors and it feels perfect on my skin. It’s hard for me to find face products that I like as I have a sensitive acne prone skin.
The only reason I may not purchase this product when I run out of it in the next months will be that I’ll buy the one I tried in sample last year which is
Helioderm tinted cream SPF 30. This is a face sunscreen with colour and I think it will be very convenient for me as I don’t have time to use foundation every day.

The next product is Helioderm After Sun Face and Body Milk. I have only used it on my body, but not for the purpose it is meant. I haven’t been to the beach since I got it, but its delicate scent is so tempting that I use it as a moisturizing body milk. I also use it on my legs after epilation. I like the discreet smell it has.


Last is Helioderm Spray SPF 20, a face and body sunscreen. I haven’t had the chance to use it yet, but I may use it on my face soon.
I hadn’t heard about this company until I wrote about the samples I received last year, but the comments I received on that post were positive from women who have tried their products.
You know I don’t usually write product reviews especially if they aren’t make up related, so I hope my presentation wasn’t disappointing.

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