Trying UV Gel Nail Art Professional Kit from BornPrettyStore

You may remember my post presenting uv gel nail art professional kit from BornPrettyStore or my video presentation that you can find in the same post.
Now my friend Salome has used the same kit and has sent me photos with her nail and her experience with them.
The result looks great and I am jealous of her pretty manicure. 

She had them done by a professional named Evelyn, but I asked her how she felt with the materials as she is used in having gel on her nails.
What she told me is that the technician worked with them very easily and Salome herself didn’t see any difference from more expensive products she had used in the past.

And if you wonder who this girl is, I couldn’t describe her in a few words. She is so talented that I think I should invite her on the blog for an interview.
Thank you Salome for being my model!
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