How Honest Celebrities Are About Their Looks

The world we live in has definitely left it so little to the imagination. Today, it’s all about long legs, big bottoms, big breasts, plum lips, flawless skin and makeup… Oh, well – lucky are those who can afford to look like a million bucks and, consequently feel so.

This “perfect” look is mostly symptomatic of Hollywood, it being the industry of beauty and all.
We are bombarded with absolutely gorgeous men and women on daily basis which is setting pretty high standards for the way we want to look ourselves. And, to be absolutely honest, it sometimes gets hard competing with the celebrities as they, after all, have all that money to help them look as they do while us, mere mortals, have to go far and beyond hoping to get at least close to what the media has told us is beautiful.

Truth is, the public opinion is hugely divided – there are those saying they would never go under the knife, while there are people openly saying they would do it in an instant had they had the budget. Luckily for our celebs, money is no problem so most of them are enjoying benefits of having a plastic surgeon on their speed dial. For example, the reason why Dr Dona is one of the most popular plastic surgeons in Australia is just that. Plastic surgeons are reaching a status of superstars.
Of course, since “natural beauty” is still majorly appreciated both in Hollywood and around the world, most celebs will try and do “the natural surgery” thing, trying to promote healthy and natural look. There are now even “natural makeup look” techniques which, regardless of using piles of makeup, do actually look like you’ve just woken up and mother nature blessed you with a Grace Kelly natural charm.

Some celebs go overboard, though. They are either accidently messed up by their surgeons or they have surgeries while claiming they didn’t and the change just happened over night.
Let’s take a closer look into some of the most talked about surgery-no-surgery celebrities.
Kim Kardashian West
Oh, well. We can’t deny the woman’s absolutely gorgeous! Those curves and that face – imagine being her for a day! However, those famous curves that landed her so many millions of dollars have been a topic of much debate. To be more precise, it’s been talked about her having butt implants.

Even though she did an x-ray on one of Keeping Up With Kardashians episode (and the x-ray showed there’re no implants) it’s widely speculated she’s had her butt cheeks injected with fat from her thighs and stomach to give her already famous rear more volume. She’s never confirmed the speculation.
Iggy Azalea
In one of her interviews, after being randomly asked what she would change about herself, she nonchalantly said “But I already have – my breasts. They were small and I’ve always wanted a good breast lift and enlargement. So, I did it”. Awesome!
Nicki Minaj
Rumor on the street is the diva of hip hop had her famous behind surgically enlarged. There were photos of before and after Nicki circling the internet, proving she’d had surgery. That overwhelmingly big bottom on that petite frame does look suspicious. However, Nicki always managed the topic. What do you think?

Kylie Jenner
So, another girl from the Jenner/Kardashian clan is in the spotlight for potentially having done surgery. We have all seen the overnight transformation in this girl’s lip volume. You simply can’t not notice it. And, apparently, this lip size has become such a trend that many teenagers have joined a so called “Kyle Jenner lip challenge” with terrible results! Kids, don’t try this at home, please!

No matter how obvious it is to the naked eye that this Jenner has had plastic surgery, she keeps denying it. Time after time after time! Doesn’t it get tiring denying it all the time? Ah…

Cristina Nika Kask is an aspiring fashion blogger from Sydney. Likes to get lost in the world of fashion, beauty and healthy lifestyle. She is a regular guest blogger and writes for the pure pleasure of it. Constantly in search for love and finding it in different places every time. Last year, she started saving money for the biggest adventure of her life yet. 

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