Deep Sea Jewels: 5 Awesome Facts About Pearls

For thousands of years, women have worn pearls to accentuate their beauty. Unlike man-made jewels, pearls are naturally stunning. Here are five awesome facts about pearls. 

Pearls were once a sign of wealth

When pearls were first discovered, people were immediately in awe of their beauty. Due to the fact that pearls were so rare at the time, the prices were very expensive. In fact, only a select few could afford these amazing jewels. Unsurprisingly, Romans viewed pearl jewelry as a sign of wealth. At one time, some European countries only allowed “nobility” to even wear pearl jewelry. 

Collecting pearls was an extremely dangerous profession 

Back in the day, it was not as easy to collect pearls. People literally risked their lives to obtain these jewels. If the person did not collect any pearls, they did not get paid. On the other hand, the successful pearl collectors were compensated very well. There was no sophisticated equipment available, so people had to rely on their diving skills to get the job done. 

Each pearl is unique

At first glance, all of the pearls on a necklace may look the same. However, each individual pearl actually has unique differences. Furthermore, pearls also come in a variety of different colors. While some people like Tahitian South Sea pearls, there are others that adore Japanese Akoya pearls. To see an example of the different type of pearls, visit

The Pearl of Lao Tzu

The Pearl of Lao Tzu is the largest pearl in the world. The amazing pearl weighs a whopping 14 pounds. This means that it was produced by a gigantic oyster. Although the pearl is not currently for sale, its value is estimated to be more than $60 million. According to rumors, several famous people have offered to buy this large jewel. 

No other gemstone is produced by a living creature

All mollusks have the ability to produce pearls. This is the only gemstone in the world formed by a living animal. The entire process of making the pearl is simply amazing. 

A pearl is definitely one of the world’s most interesting jewels. Even thousands of years after pearls were first discovered, they are still extremely popular.


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