A blogger that can live with 10 pounds a week

Some people want Chanel, Prada, etc., just to show “I have it!” It’s not wrong to wear such items, but coveting that so very much, shoes, bags, makeup and not reaching, may lead to frustration. Why? If you’re reading this post it’s because you’re one of the lucky people to have access to a computer and probably food, shelter, education and a family. Is this too few or is a Dior bag “the highlight of my year”-thing? The older you get, the less important material things will be. Having shoes and jackets isn’t wrong, but it’s not all, in my opinion.
I’ll still respect your opinions, if you disagree with me.

Then you think of about a blogger (and other people) who was on the limit of poverty and shared her story. Her concerns weren’t about a Chanel bag, but FOOD. For her little son, mainly, then herself. When she had nothing but a Weetabix to give to her son. THAT is much more important than “my new bag!” The blog is not new, she’s well known and awarded, and shared her story and nutritious “cheap” recipes on her blogJack Monroe posts recipes that are really good and with 10 pounds a week, she made a “feast” to her family. Creative and impressive, that’s a blog and a story to think about, in such a consumerist world. Now she’s an author, but still remembers about a time she had no job and no food. Worth reading her story. Hope you like it!
Corn Bread Muffins, 10 p each

Photos courtesy of Jack Monroe’s blog

Denise S. is the blogger behind DenisesPlanet, a blog about her adventures, studies, readings and fashion, as well. She loves shoes, travelling, roses, learning languages and sweets, among other things. Learning from people and respecting each other’s opinions are always very important for her!

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