Fast and easy way to have a fringe

Do you want to change your hair style a bit, but go back to the same hair style you are used to, after some minutes – all this without the need of having a major haircut? If you want a fringe, having it cut will take a long time to have the hair at the length you had before… Well, Shiseido has just released a product that can do the job for you – the “portable” bangs/fringe attached to a tiara, so that you can put it on and take it off in a second, and you will change your whole look with that! 

The fringe is manufactured with strong fibers, that are meant to take the heat of a hair dryer and still look good.  There are three colors: black, dark brown and what they call light brown, but it looks dark, too. No blond or red, I guess they don’t think that blond girls or red-haired ones would like a fringe to change a bit… strange. 

The headband-tiara/fringe-bangs costs $88. Will you give it a try?

Photos courtesy of Rocketnews24

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