Lancôme Shine Lover Lipstick Twisted Beige Review

If I had to name a kind of cosmetics I wouldn’t mind not wearing again, that would be lipstick, lip gloss and anything that gives colour on my lips. It’s not that I don’t realise these products’ value, but I always give more emphasis on my eye make up to such an extent that I can even forget to wear lipstick.

Nevertheless, the fact that I’m getting older and the celebrities who are obsessed with big lips lately have made me look after my lips more.

Beige/Brown shades are usually the ones I prefer and this lipstick I’m going to talk about couldn’t be an exception.
Although it may look a little pink in the photos, fortunately, Lancôme Shine Lover Lipstick in 212 Twisted Beige is very close to my favourite shades.
Actually, this colour is so natural it looks like it enhances my natural lip colour.

Before I start, I would like to let you know the skin on my lips is very weird and many lipsticks don’t write on the inner part of my lips. That’s why when I find a product I like I stick to it.
This is one of the products I didn’t have to deal with this problem.

It promises 8 hours of moisture, but it definitely doesn’t stay on my lips for so long. I don’t know if it is because I tend to eat many times during the day, but the colour disappears very soon.

If I would repurchase it?

If it was a more affordable product, I would even like to try more shades of it. In general, I don’t seek for duration on my lipstick, so I don’t really care it doesn’t cover this aspect, but for a lipstick that costs about 30 dollars I would expect to cover every need.

I like it, but I could live without it. 

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