3 Amazing New Year Fashion Trends

The New Year is about to start, and there is already a promise of some amazing fashion. I love it when the new season begins because you can see the changes happen in the stores overnight. The latest looks get grabbed up by us, and we can start the New Year in style. This year is looking good, with several great brands offering incredible style:

The casual look is becoming more and more stylish each year. This year is inspired by the coast. Lots of surfwear is creeping into mainstream fashion, and it looks great! Brands like rip curl have a long history with this look. They’re bringing beach fashion to the cities and offering more tops and skirts with that flavor.

I was quite keen on the gypsy look this year. Cute tops with little details are so easy to wear with almost anything. This coming summer sees the return of the tank top, but in a great new shape. They look like a cross between the vest and the figure tee. The style can flatter any body shape too. Look for cute stripes and beach inspired colors like blues and yellows.

tank top

Night Out
For a night out, the cocktail dress is ideal. This season has been great for party dresses, with silvers and golds hotting up the dance floor. In the New Year, you can see plenty of amazing little black dresses. The detail and hem shapes that are coming from the catwalks mean that there is something for every taste.

Heels are high again! That’s not so great for girls who struggle to balance up there after a couple of drinks. But the height and the slimmed down shape of the heel make your legs look stunning. If you can manage, they are totally worth it. Of course, strappy sandals look equally amazing. The more straps, the better, for next season’s hot look.

black dress and high-heeled sandals

In Work
If you work in an office, you can be forgiven for feeling a little bored in the same old outfits every day. Next year promises to offer more in the way of blouses and shirts for girls. The tailored or fitted cut is back, but there are plenty of embellishments and decorative details to hide any shaping problems.

For a looser look, you could try a cute cashmere top. The quality of finish for next year’s stock promises to be more resistant to everyday wear. Colors haven’t changed much, but you might find the odd, surprising, bold tone of red, purple or blue available. Wear it over a stiff collar shirt for a compelling look.

The New Year promises us a lot of great looks. The purples and cherry reds of this season are just too dark for a bright New Year. I may head out to the mall in the New Year to grab a few early January bargains and a great new outfit. It sounds like a great New Year resolution too! Shopping for the latest fashion trends? If the after Christmas holidays budget allows it!

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