DIY: Christmas Tree Ornaments with Glitter Foam Paper

Do you remember my Christmas Balls with Glitter Foam Paper? As I like this material a lot for Christmas I made more ornaments for my Christmas tree.

Shimmer Backdrop for Christmas party





Except for all the handmade ornaments I added to our Christmas tree this year, I also put this little stars from Sammydress. I was thinking of painting them, but I have left them as they are for the time being.



For the end I have left a surprise gift I received from my friend Joanna from .



It is a handmade wooden Christmas card she made and each side is different. You may have already seen it on my Instagram and as I mentioned there now I have chosen the red side for our Christmas tree, but later I’m going to decorate its pink side! Isn’t it lovely?

Thank you so much Joannaki mou!!!


  1. Κορίτσι μου εσύυυυυυυ!
    Τί όμορφα πραγματάκια που σκέφτηκες να φτιάξεις! Εξαιρετική ιδέα το μονόγραμμα στα στολίδια!
    *Άποψή μου: Στα αστεράκια μη δώσεις χρώμα! Είναι τόσο… χιονισμένα έτσι!
    Μια αγκαλιά πελώρια και πολλά ΣΣΣΣΣΣΣΣΣΜΟΥΤΣ για καλό ξημέρωμα!
    *Thanks για την αναφορά!!!

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