Dorm Room Bedding Styles 2017

The interior of a dorm room or college room is a very crucial issue. Basically, in college hostels, many students are living together, in one room, which is why it is quite of a challenge to maintain hygiene, cleanliness, and privacy when you are coexisting with someone else. But maintaining comfort is imperative at the same time as well, because if not, it can affect the performance of studies at academic activities.

Keeping all of this in view, here we have listed down few of the trending Dorm Room Bedding Styles Of 2017.

Have a look:



Though when you are sharing a room, the feeling of privacy and individuality is something you crave for. In a dorm room, the provision of single beds is nothing less than a blessing!

This year, it has gained more popularity and preference among people. Students are even willing to pay some extra to avail a room with single bedding as well. Single beds are also easy to clean, and maintaining hygiene is not a challenge as they are easily manageable.

The beds can be wooden, but if you want a more affordable option, you can go for rot iron as well.



Bunker beds are a great choice for college hostels. They are cost effective, and they take very less space it is a more convenient option for management of hostels as they can accommodate more students.

I prefer this bedding style better too if you have to accommodate more people in less space. If you start giving everyone an individual bed and space is less, it can get very congested and suffocating. Also, by appearance, they look very cute and attractive. Not just college rooms, they have gained immense popularity among people as a choice for children’s room as well!




A loft bed is a twin of bunker bed. But where bunker bed has two beds stacked on one another, loft beds have a bed on the top portion and a working desk on the beneath portion.

This is very recent popular because of two main reasons: first being that it gives you privacy and a feeling of a separate entity to some extent. And second being that you do not individually need to accommodate a study table, which also is a necessity for students in college rooms.

They are a very nice compact option.




You can also make use of twin beds. They serve the two in one purpose, as they do not have a proper back, so they do not necessarily look like a bed. They serve as a sofa or sitting area as well.

Moreover, they are completely covered with a bed sheet or comforter. Hence it doesn’t have to be expensive wood. As it will not be visible, you can go for rot iron or low-quality wood as well. This way, it will be cost effective too plus you can provide benefits of a single separate bedding and sofa as well.

Do you have some great dorm room bedding styles in your mind? Please, let me know!

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