Handmade Mangalsutra & Other Indian Bridal Jewelry The Latest Fashion Trends

In India, weddings are an excuse for grand celebrations. A wedding gives you the golden opportunity to flaunt your family traditions, values, heritage, wealth, and social status. Indian grooms and brides are known to wear extremely expensive outfits and the lavish wedding celebrations extend over a number of days. Needless to mention Indian bridal jewelry is known for its variety and unique designs. Indian bridal jewelry undergoes constant changes just like the Indian fashion scenario. Indian jewelry designers are adding new dimensions to the traditional bridal jewelry. The modern Indian bride is willingly embracing the new trends. Here are some of the latest trends in Indian bridal fashion.

Deviation from Reds & Maroons in Bridal Saree or Lehenga

It has been a custom for Indian brides to wear red or maroon Banarasi silk saree or red lehenga choli set. However, the modern Indian brides are experimenting with colors. Highly creative and innovative fashion designers have come up with mind-blowing bridal outfits in a varied color palette. Indian brides are wearing pinks, off-whites, and soothing pastel shades as well. Black, however, is still avoided by Indian brides.

Diamonds Are the Most Popular in Bridal Jewelry

Diamonds are supposed to be an eternal classic. They are forever in vogue and you could simply flaunt a diamond ring and take your style quotient to another level. Indian brides were used to classical yellow gold jewelry studded with colored precious stones and gemstones. Today Indian brides are opting for finest quality of designer diamond jewelry including rings, neckpieces, bangles, and even diamond mangalsutras. Some jewelry designers are also coming up with unique jewelry using jewels such as ruby, sapphire, and even tanzanite gemstones.

Handmade Designer Bridal Jewelry in Fashion

Thanks to the digital era, the world of handmade jewelry and crafts has undergone a dramatic change. The easy access to the Internet has made it possible for tiny handmade jewelry businesses to prosper and achieve phenomenal success. This is the era of customization so handmade jewelry has gained immense popularity. Most Indian brides are opting for diamond designer handmade mangalsutras as they look unique and amazing. Today the artistic-minded people are willing to spend a little more for handmade jewelry that is created with loving care and attention of gifted artisans and are of a really high-quality. The affluent class does not hesitate to buy expensive customized bridal jewelry as they regard it as an investment. They are more than willing to employ jewelry designers for customized handmade jewelry masterpieces.


Rose Gold Is In

Rose gold is supposed to be the trendiest metal. The fascinating soft pink shade of rose gold makes it just perfect for romantic jewelry pieces. Engagement rings, wedding rings, Valentine Day special rings, and pendants are made fashionable and incredibly beautiful thanks to the warm rose gold tone. Rose gold is in vogue across the world. Indian brides are not far behind. Today, the modern Indian brides are opting for sleek rose gold mangalsutras for a unique look.


With changing trends in fashion and jewelry, mangalsutras have also undergone radical changes. Designers have come up with innovative styles and designs. The trendy Indian brides are opting for shorter mangalsutras and diamond pendants. They are opting for the latest mangalsutra bracelets to complement their outfits, personality, and lifestyle.

Packaging Bracelet Box Jewelry Chaplet Coffer
Packaging Bracelet Box Jewelry Chaplet Coffer

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