7 wedding trends to avoid in 2018

If you are engaged and now you are preparing for your big day, then you should be very careful regarding all the preparations. From the wedding venue to the gorgeous wedding invites wedding invitations, you should take care of them all since it is the biggest and most important day of every person’s life. You do everything to make it the best and memorable day of your life. Certain trends have been followed in the weddings for many years. Though in the beginning they were unique and were liked by all now they have become very common. You should do something new and different to make your 2018 wedding trendy and memorable. Following are the seven wedding trends to avoid in 2018:


1- Flower decoration

No doubt the flower décor on the walls and the ceiling look beautiful, but it has become very common now. It has been in fashion for past many years. Now, this arrangement does not amuse the people coming to your wedding. Therefore you should try something different. You can adopt any specific theme for your big day. It will make it classier and a memorable event for all.


2-   Large Gathering

Weddings are not supposed to be crowded. It is the day when you wish to spend more time with your close friends and family, but due to the current trend of inviting a lot of people on your big day, you hardly get time to spend with your loved ones.


3- Variety of food

In current times the menu of the weddings has been expanded. There are so many dishes that most people do not even eat all of them. It is also very costly. You should avoid this trend for your wedding.


4- Seating charts

You cannot tell everyone where they have to sit and where not. Some people like to stay aside from the crowded area while there are some who enjoy being among people. Along with that, people themselves know their relationship with the bride and the groom, and they decide their place accordingly. Though seating charts look cute, there is no need for them for your wedding.


5- Candy buffet

It has become very common nowadays. It has a variety of sweet dishes in it. It is noted that by the end of the night all the sweets along with the candy bars stick to the glass dispensers. The candy buffet may look fancy but is a total waste of time. Therefore you should avoid it for your wedding.


6- Photo Booth

It is something that has been seen in almost all the weddings in the past. Though it was captivating before now, it has become too mainstream therefore you should avoid it for your wedding.


7- Fancy Wedding Cakes

Buying fancy and decorative cakes for the big day has become very common. You should avoid this trend for your wedding.


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Ilse Frank is the mother of two little boys and is an amazing wedding planner. She is obsessed with wedding traditions and all the customs. She regularly posts at https://www.temploola.com/.

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