Foot Reading: What Your Toes Reveal

Most probably you have heard about palm reading and maybe some of you have been tempted to search the meaning of your palm lines. But did you know that your feet can reveal a lot about your personality too?

Preparing for summer requires nice, neat feet to look good in your sandals and flip-flops. Except for a pretty pedicure, one can see more on your toes.

If you take a look around, you can easily see that there are various types of toes. Each type shows something different about your personality.


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The Egyptian foot shape, where the big toe is the longest and the other toes are descending, indicates that the person has a difficulty controlling their mood swings and is an introvert. They also have an air of loyalty.


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The Roman type is the one where the three first toes are about the same height and the other two are descending. This shows balance in your life and an outgoing personality.


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The Greek foot type is the one where the second toe is the longest. Ancient Greeks considered this feature as a sign of beauty and you can spot it on ancient Greek statues. Nevertheless, the Greek foot is also supposed to be a characteristic of Morton’s syndrome which may cause pain.

As for the character traits that it attributes are leadership qualifications and creativity, but the person can also have dramatic characteristics.


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The Germanic feet have a square shape and all the toes are about the same length. People with this type of feet tend to be very cautious before taking a decision and are patient.


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Studies of burial sites across Britain led to the discovery that Celtic remains had a big toe of the same height with the second toe or a little shorter. The Celtic foot shows that the person is ambitious, but doesn’t take responsibility. These people can be fun and entertaining, but childish and naive too.


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