DIY: Handmade Crystal Headband For Girls

How many times you want to offer a unique gift to your daughter or another special girl to you, but you can’t come up with ideas of what would make her happy! To make sure you select something that is really unique, a handmade creation is the answer. If you are in the mood for a little DIY project, here is a step by step tutorial for a handmade metal headband with crystals for a young princess.

You don’t need many materials for this DIY creation.


-a metal headband

-0.3 copper wire for jewelry

-crystal beads with a hole

(You can find metal headbands in a variety of colors. Silver wire is usually a safe choice as it is neutral. The beads’ color can be selected according to the recipient’s preference.)

No tools are necessary. A pair of scissors is enough to cut the wire.

First version

Firstly create small decor like little branches using some wire and crystal beads with a hole. In this case I chose pink color, but I will show you soon the same and other similar headbands in different colors.

For the center of the headband I made the longest branch. Put three crystal beads through the wire and twist the wire to seal the beads.

Do the same with two other pieces of wire, but this time put only one bead on each wire.

Then join the three pieces of wire together and attach the wire in the middle of the metal base by wrapping it around it.

Go on creating smaller branches with wire and beads which you are going to put symmetrically on the left and the right sides of the middle branch.

When you believe you have put enough decor on the headband, you can start decorating with beads across the headband. Wrap some wire on the headband, then add a bead, turn the wire around it again, go to the next bead and so on until you have covered the wire branches.

These crystal beads will secure the branches to stay still on the headband.

Your crown is ready to be offered to a little princess. It can be a nice surprise for a birthday party or it can be worn as a tiara for a flower girl at a wedding.

Second version

In case you are too busy or this headband is too much for your girl, there is a simpler version. Just go straight to the last step of this tutorial.

Which version do you prefer?

Below you can see it with more crystals on the crown.

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