Oscar de la Renta Esprit d’Oscar Review

I was recently looking for a new perfume. Although I have several bottles which could last for the next years, I needed to try a new scent. I wanted an affordable perfume for every day use and more specifically I aimed at a powdery fragrance. This is how I ended up with Esprit d’Oscar by Oscar de la Renta, but was it equal to my expectations?

First of all, it was a blind choice as I had never smelled it before and relied on the description and online reviews. It hasn’t been the first time I have ordered a perfume without having tried it before, but I only do that with cheap ones. This one is Esprit d’Oscar eau de parfum from Parfimo‘s αρώματα section.

It is a classy perfume, an updated version of Oscar launched in 1977, and I believe younger ages may not be fond of it as it is kind of old-fashioned. It reminds me of something my mum would wear in the 80’s.

It’s an oriental, floral, powdery perfume and it comes in a special bottle with flower-shaped cap. When I wear it, I can smell white flowers.

It slightly reminds me of The Body Shop’s Black musk.

Composition of perfume

Top notes: lemon, bergamot, lemon from Amalfi

Middle notes: violet, iris, jasmine, African orange blossom, tuberose

Base: vetiver, tonka beans, calf, sunflower, gray amber


When first spraying on my wrist, the smell seems a little overwhelming, but this feeling disappears as it dries down. Eau de parfums are more intense and this one has a strong return. I can still smell it after a couple of hours, but it stays longer on my clothes.

It’s good value for money and although it isn’t in my favourite perfumes’ list, it’s a good choice for a daily fragrance.

What others think about it? Others’ opinion can’t determine whether I’m going to wear a perfume or not, but I can’t help not asking my friends what they think of a new perfume I wear. So, I have been told that it isn’t bad but it’s a little stronger than they like.

If I would buy it again? I have enough time to think about it as 100 ml will take me long to run out of, but I could easily replace it. It wasn’t a love at first sight, nevertheless, the more I wear it the more I like it. You can find it here.



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