DIY: handmade New Year’s Favors

As 2019 is coming to its end soon, I guess you have started making a list with all the gifts you have to buy for your loved ones. Sometimes the list is so long you don’t know how you are going to cope with all the expenses. Making your own handmade gifts can save you money. Especially for people you don’t intend to spend much money, maybe it’s a good idea to offer something you created, like a packet with homemade biscuits, instead of buying something cheap. It is the gentle gesture that counts and shows that you devoted some time and inspiration for their gift.

Every year I try to think of something I can create for people I don’t really need to give anything, but I want to say ‘thank you’ in a kind way. That can be a teacher, a neighbor, your hairdresser or a friend. This time I wanted to make keychains, which can be appropriate for men and women too.

I bought key rings, 2020 and horseshoe pendants and red cord. With a piece of chain and pliers I put everything together and here are my New Year’s favors.

Alternatively, you can buy keychains you don’t have to add the chain yourself and add some decoration of your choice. As the owl is the symbol of wisdom, I made some key chains with owls for some teachers.

Above you can see some handmade bracelets I bought from a Christmas bazaar for charity and are easy to make with a 2020 pendant and some cord.

I also made some bracelets myself. They could be a little gift for kids that come to sing Christmas carols at our place. You can also put them on your New Year’s Eve table for your guests to take.

Are you used to creating your own gifts too? What are you going to make to welcome 2020?

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