Trendy Clip in hair extensions for Christmas and New Year

Christmas is that time of the year when we dump all our drabness and step out in our finest. It is during Christmas that we wear the most elegant clothes and the trendiest hairdo’s. Interestingly, Christmas actually kick starts the festive season, and as the holiday beckons, the opportunity to be the best version of yourself when you rock a trendy clip in hair extension and who knows, you might just make a new friend, find the love of your life or get lots of gifts, this season because of your appearance.

Clip-in hair extensions have been in vogue for years, and if you are looking for style inspiration, this festive season, read on to find out the trendy Hairgets’ Clip In Hair Extensions for the Christmas and New Year.

What is a clip in hair extensions?

They are bundles of hair that are put together in wefts and are often clipped to the wearer’s hair to make it appear fuller, longer, and more beautiful. They are designed to be fixed by the user or by a professional. All you need to do is to clip them to the root of your hair and style as you please. 

Check out the different types that we have listed.

8-10-inch Clip in hair extensions

These sizes of hair extension are mostly called short hair extension. Originally, hair extensions were designed to make the wearer’s hair become longer; however, 8-10-inch Clip in hair extensions can be used to increase the volume of the hair this season. If you have lost your hair for any reason, either because of surgical operation or natural causes, you can still slay for the Christmas and New Year by attaching them to your natural hair. To stand out, you should experiment using different shades of colors that are a little different from your hair to give your hair that highlighted look. 

Clip-in, in dark brown 

There is no time of the year as colorful as Christmas, and it is the time of the year to put some color on your hair. If you have great skin that can complement dark brown hair, then you should try it. Some people call this the mermaid hair because of the length. Here is another style tip, to make your dark brown clip in hair extension more beautiful, you can create waves on your hair with a heat tool. Nothing will look better than dark brown hair in supple waves this Christmas and New Year celebrations.

Clip-in, in grey

Colors are meant to make one stand out. During Christmas or New Year, you are free from the prying eyes of your boss or that of your supervisors, which limits outlandish colors. It’s Christmas, and there are no rules, which make it the best time to go all edgy with full grey clip-in.

When attaching them to your hair, ensure that you go for full volume. With grey extensions, the rule is always, “the more, the better”. In case you don’t have the right quantity of grey, you can bleach your extension or dye it to get the shade that is just perfect for the yuletide season. Being the life of the party means that you are the total package. So be that perfect host or visitor with the perfect dress and a popping “hair.”

Bright colored clip in hair extension (red, pink, blonde and purple)

Ladies, if you are ready to get all heads in your direction during Christmas and New Year celebrations, then go all out with bright primary colors. From red to pink to purple and blonde, there are several colors that can and will make you the cynosure of all eyes. Provided you know how to clip them in, if you don’t, ask for help. You can always have the brilliant shades on your heads and not look like a cockerel. When buying your extensions, ensure that they are human hair and not synthetic, and it’s always better if they are pre-dyed.  If you are going to be partying this season, why not party like a rock star?

Ponytail extension

Who doesn’t love a ponytail? Almost everyone does. If you are confused about the choice of extension to clip in to your hair for a fuller look this season, go for the ponytail. The other options listed above may be too outlandish or edgy for you, but a ponytail will keep you cool and classy this season. Who says your ponytail should be boring in black? You can add a little blonde or some gold to your ponytail. 


It’s the most beautiful time of the year, and it’s also a new year, and if you are looking for the perfect moment to amplify your appearance with hair extensions, Go to is the right time .

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