Lalique Le Parfum Review

If you like to make heads turn as you enter a room, you should read this review of Lalique le Parfum. You may haven’t heard of this perfume before and this is one of the perfume’s advantages, it hasn’t been worn by everyone.


Actually this scent isn’t for everyone as it has a heavy oriental aroma that not all women can stand. It transmits romanticism and dynamism as well.

The bottle is remarkable too. I love the thick glass because it gives some prestige. The top of the cap depicts a mask and there are also two red tassels hanging from the bottle’s neck and reveal the oriental character of the perfume.


I’m not into spicy perfumes, but this one is bearable to my nose and it can also be described as a sweet and powdery scent too.

When I was in my early 20s I experimented with stronger perfumes like  Estée Lauder Beautiful and Dior Dune. As Lalique dries down it reminds me of how Dune used to smell.


Top notes: bergamot, pink pepper, spice

Middle notes: jasmine, almond, sunflower

Base notes: patchouli, sandalwood, tonka beans, vanilla

Who is it for?

Mature women may prefer it more. It isn’t a girly scent and younger ages may not be interested in it.

Some men may want to try this perfume too, as it can be characterized as unisex.


I would prefer it for the evening, but I have also worn it during daytime. It has a very noticeable redolence and it also emits some luxury that makes it a more special occasions choice.


If I would buy Lalique again? Yes, but this moment won’t come some time soon as it isn’t a perfume I wear every day.

You can find Lalique on Parfimo here at a great price.

Does it sound like a perfume you would like to try if you haven’t already?

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