Factors That Determine The Cost of Car Rental Service

Want to explore the city, attend a happening concert and sporting event, or need to arrive at the airport on-time, no matter what the reason might be, a car service in Long Island can turn out to be the ultimate solution. Designed to offer a relaxing, comfortable, and hassle-free travel experience, car rentals are popular among those who travel in style without compromising with safety and quality. 

Now, while selecting a car service many have a common question in their mind, that is, what would be the average cost of the services? Well, there isn’t one but five factors that significantly influence the overall charges of car service, and these are explained below:

1. The Vehicle Type

Rental companies are backed by a large fleet of cars, each having the specifications and amenities of their own. For example, if you want an affordable solution then fuel-efficient cars would be a good pick, while for a luxurious ride, sports cars or limousines often top the list. Hence, focus on what your requirements are and then select the appropriate type of car. 

2. When You Book The Car

The earlier you book your car service the better. A golden rule of thumb is to book car service at least a month before in advance so that you can save yourself from last-minute surge charges. Moreover, booking earlier also ensures that you are able to choose the type of vehicle that you want, as popular models often receive a high number of bookings and should be pre-booked months prior to the date you will need them.  

3. How Long You Drive?

Most of the service providers often charge a fixed hourly rate and per-day rate for car rentals. Often, the per-day rate will be low if you book it for an entire day. Further, when planning for a long trip, it’s recommended to book the car for about three days to a week, depending on the destination where you are going to travel. 

4. The Pick Up and Drop Off

Apart from the time that you choose, the pick-up and drop-off point also have an important role to play. Let’s say, if the drop off location is different from the pick-up point then the cost charged will be more, and cross-country trips also come with additional charges. A good practice is to discuss the same with the rental company beforehand so that you can get a clear picture of what the average cost would be. 

5. Add-on Purchases

While placing your bookings, car rental companies often offer useful insurances such as Loss Damage Waiver (LDW) or Collision Damage Waiver (CDW). Basically, the insurances are a form of add-on purchases that come with additional charges. Choosing a CDW would mean that any damage or loss to the car is managed by the insurance company, ensuring you enjoy a safe and peaceful ride. 

With Long Island car service, you can bid adieu to the discomforts of public transport, and get to travel anywhere in utmost convenience while cherishing best-in-class amenities at an affordable value!  

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