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Initial necklaces have remained some of the most popular jewelry options for decades, including the present trends. However, it’s crucial that you find an initial pendant (or even a few!) that suits you. Fortunately, Kendra Scott is here to help. When you shop initial necklaces from Kendra Scott’s selections, you’ll find an assortment of colors and styles for each letter of the alphabet, ensuring there‘s a monogram necklace for everyone. So, whether you’re searching for your own initial (first or last—either works!) or that of a loved one, you’ll find an initial pendant that you’ll be happy to wear day in and day out.

Short & Simple

For a subtle take on the trendy initial necklace, look no further than one of Kendra Scott’s diamond letter pendant necklaces in 14-karat yellow gold. With a 15-inch chain (and three-inch extender), this initial pendant will sit near your throat. With a total of 0.082 round brilliant white diamonds, the slightest bit of light is sure to set your initial to sparkle. In fact, each necklace is one-of-a-kind, so the exact color patterns may vary slightly from those you’ll see on their website.

This striking necklace is truly timeless, with hand-drawn letters layered in diamonds. And, perhaps best of all, these diamonds are conflict-free and comply with the Kimberley Process, a United Nations-led diamond certification process that prevents the trade of conflict diamonds. Paired with the Kendra Cares dedication to giving back, you can rest assured that your necklace is as sustainable and philanthropic as it is beautiful.

Intrepid Initial

If you‘d prefer a bolder statement piece, the letter pendant necklace in either silver or gold will serve just that. Choose rhodium or gold plated over brass in a 19-inch chain that will complement nearly any neckline. This necklace boasts a classic lobster clasp but with a twist—an adjustable sliding bead allows even further customization.

Like its shorter, diamond-studded companion, this letter pendant is one-of-a-kind and ready to highlight whatever initial you’ve decided to wear at your neck. With Kendra Scott’s signature etched detail, this beautiful pendant will surely impress any shopper. Plenty of your fellow customers agree: this piece has five out of five stars on the Kendra Scott website!

Abstract Alphabet

The artsiest of Kendra Scott shoppers are sure to fall head over heels for the beautiful letter charm tassel necklace, available in vintage silver and gold. Like the other initial necklaces you’ll find at Kendra Scott, these pieces are one-of-a-kind. This pendant, though, is a more abstract iteration of the letter of the alphabet. With an adjustable chain, you’ll have a perfect piece no matter what you’re pairing it with.

As a meaningful gift or extraordinary treat for yourself, this beautiful piece has unique movement—not only does the pendant itself have an inherent sense of movement, the additional tassel charm makes the whole piece more fluid. Wear it on its own or pair it with your existing favorites for a dynamic look that will catch anyone’s eye, even if that’s just your own in your reflection.

When you want to add a personal touch to your jewelry box, an initial pendant is a great way to make that happen. Whether you’re reaching for a tasseled abstract pendant, a dainty choker-style piece, or a bold statement piece, a Kendra Scott initial pendant is sure to be a perfect fit. Pick one up for yourself or surprise your loved one with a new piece—in the process, you’ll know that you’re supporting a brand with high-quality products, a sustainable mission, and a charitable backstory. Your purchase will give back and leave you or your gift’s recipient a beautiful new accessory.

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