Shaun Attwood: Madeleine McCann LIVE Interview with JULIA WANDELT

Julia Wandelt, the young lady from Poland who believes she could be Madeleine McCann, has just appeared live for an interview with Shaun Attwood. During their chat, julia – who grew up in Poland – explained what evidence made her believe she might be the British girl who disappeared at the age of 3, from a holiday apartment in Portugal on 3 May 2007.

In this YouTube video you can watch the documents that Julia had already posted on her Instagram account and listen to the audio of her conversation with a police officer about a DNA test.

As she has stated before, her wish for a DNA test with McCann’s parents hasn’t come true but the couple who raised her as her biological parents refuse to take a DNA test too.

The fact that Julia has been abused as a child and her biological parents’ attitude towards her struggle to discover the truth as well, have made many people believe that something doesn’t seem right. There are many coincidences that have to be taken into consideration, but there are also many people who oppose the idea that she is the missing girl.

Please click the link below for the interview:

At the end of the interview, Julia answered the viewers’ questions and tried to put more pieces to this mysterious puzzle.

Let’s hope that a DNA test – that at the time seems the only acceptable proof – will solve the mystery and whatever the truth is, it will come out.

Let the truth shine!

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