KONY 2012

A few days ago this video caught my eye, I tried to watch it but it was too long for me to sit and see what it was about. Some time later I realised that everyone on the Internet was talking about it so I decided to give it a try. After watching it I tried to make a research and find out if the content of the video was true. I came across some older videos concerning

Joseph Kony and his actions. In the past I had heard similar stories taking place in Africa, but not specific names. During the search I even saw a photo of members of the ‘Invisible children’ campaign posing with guns in their arms. I had second thoughts about posting ‘KONY 2012’ on the blog as so much sudden publicity made me suspicious and I don’t usually like to go with the flow. Then I thought if I were one of those children I would like the world to know and do something to help me. And then other questions filled my head. Are the leaders of the ‘civilised’ world less dangerous or have they caused less misery? Is Kony the only person who should be arrested? Will we really contribute to save innocent people or just cause more trouble by exploiting their pain? Too many questions about what is true and what not, what is right and what is wrong. If I only knew…

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