Spring bridal makeup

This is a bridal makeup suitable for Springtime as bright colours have been used.

First I used different kinds of concealer : green to cover red spots and then beige, and light coloured under the eyes and the eyebrows.

I applied stick makeup all over the face and the visible parts of
the body. Then I continued with transparent powder.

On the cheekbones I put brown blush to create some shade and then I put a coral/pink blush.

I chose a metallic eyeshadow in a shimmering greenish blue colour. To make it more stable I applied primer in advance. Black eye pencil has been used but on the upper eyelid it has been blended with the eyeshadow to create a softer result. Black mascara has been applied on the eyelashes.

For the lips I chose a lipstick in a brown shade but nude lip pencil underneath has softened it.

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