The Greek Souvlaki

A few weeks ago you voted in a poll for your favourite cuisine and we had two winners : Mexican and Greek Mediterranean, so today I will present you one of the most popular Greek dishes, the Greek souvlaki. It is one of the meals I make to please my husband and it is very easy to create.

First of all,  buy pies for souvlaki from the supermarket and the meat on skewers which are called kalamakia , you can even choose chicken or sausages. When you have grilled the meat and the pies have been grilled for a few minutes, chop the meat and put it on the pies with a sauce or yoghurt.
 The traditional souvlaki contains tzatziki, a mixture of yoghurt, cucumbers and garlic. It isn’t recommended before an important meeting or date as it has got a strong smell, but you can eat it together with your partner.
Tomatoes and chopped onions are added and then you can fold the pies in aluminum foil.
In Greek restaurants it is served with fried bread and lemon.

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