No Makeup Day

No Makeup Day

You know how there is a day about everything, Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, Children’s Day, etc. What would you say if there was No Makeup Day?
Women have to be always perfect or at least try to cover some flaws every day either because they won’t to feel nice about their appearance or to be accepted by others.
So many times you wake up in the morning and  you don’t feel like putting any makeup on, but looking at the mirror there is something you don’t like. At first you say it’s gonna be only some concealer, then you see that your skin is uneven and you have to put on foundation, after that you have to add some blush to look more natural and then you can’t leave your eyes without any mascara or eye shadow and you end up with a complete makeup on.

Last year it was the first time that I used to spend most days with no makeup as because of my pregnancy I wanted to lead a more natural life and avoid putting a lot of things on my skin. And the truth is that I really started feeling more careless and free. The first months after giving birth I didn’t even have the time to do any makeup, I only put some eye pencil on my eyes to look a little more feminine – you know sleepless nights, loose  clothes, extra weight you need something to remind yourself you are a woman. In fact, maybe those months my skin looked at its best. But then I returned to my old life working, going out, meeting people, I went back to my black hair colour (Yeah! I love it) – which requires some makeup to look nice and healthy- so I started putting makeup on again, not every day but more and more often.

I really feel more confident with makeup on like most women and sometimes I even feel that people treat me  in a different way. For example, I go shopping and the shop assistants have an other approach towards me or maybe it’s just my impression because of low self esteem. It is undeniable that image plays an important role in our lives and even in the ancient times people looked after their appearance (ancient Greece, Egypt, Rome).

I love makeup, otherwise I wouldn’t have created this blog, but sometimes like today that I would just go to the park with my son and nieces I hate it that I don’t feel confident without any makeup. Of course I already mentioned that I ‘ve made some progress and I don’t use makeup on an everyday basis, but there is a kind of pressure in our society where we have to show that we are better than others and even make our entourage feel inferior than us.

So maybe we should establish a ‘No Makeup Day’ where women should feel free to display their real beauty in a natural way. Don’t forget that beauty comes from inside and if you believe you are beautiful others will believe it too. What do you think?

P.S. I’m writing this article with a little makeup on, very little!

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