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You know next month I’m getting married, so I have started thinking about the jewelry I should wear to match my wedding dress. There is a website called Anjolee where you can find fantastic jewelry. The best thing is that you can customize any design according to your taste and budget.

 I fell in love with this diamond tennis necklace.
I would feel like a princess wearing it on the big day. There is a variety of  jewelry you can choose from, but you can also select the metal type, the carats, the diamond quality and the length.


My wedding is going to have a blue theme, so this is one of the engagement rings that have caught my eye with white gold and blue diamond, but even with yellow gold and red diamond it is very beautiful. Which one do you prefer?

I could also wear a pair of earrings to match my ring. Do you prefer hoop earrings or stud earrings?

Anjolee Jewelry has also got tennis bracelets or vintage bracelets which I think would perfectly match my Grecian dress.
I also love the bridal sets, really my style.
This is a men’s bracelet I found on the website. Who says that diamonds are only women’s best friend?
Let me know which of these pieces you prefer, but you can also visit the official page where you can see more and customize them according to your preference.

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