Celebrity Feet: What Their Feet Can Reveal About Their Personality – Part 1

We have talked before about foot reading and what your feet and toes can reveal about someone’s personality. So, are you ready to find out what you can discover about celebrities according to their feet?

Meghan Markle

If someone’s feet have been thoroughly analyzed, these are Meghan Markle’s. The reason is her Morton’s feet, which means that the second toe is the longest. This is also called ‘Greek foot’ as this is how the ancient Greek statues were represented. It is also called ‘Royal’ or ‘Viking’ toe.

What this type of toes shows about her personality is that she has leadership qualifications and creativity.

Kim Kardashian

Another celebrity whose feet have been the center of attention is Kim Kardashian. The reality star uploaded a video to prove that she didn’t have six toes like some people claimed.

According to the foot reader Jane Sheehan, Kim’s wide, short toes indicate that she is practical, down-to-earth, and pragmatic.

Kim also has a deep line on the third toe of her right foot, but no matching one on her left foot. This indicates that in the past she was adaptable, knowing when to hold back, though, now something has changed, and she is much more going with the flow in terms of what she is doing.

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Sarah Jessica Parker


With her role as Carrie Bradshaw, she made the brand Manolo Blahnik popular. We watched her on Sex and the city series being addicted to shoes and spending her money on a pair of high heels. So, let’s see what her feet can tell about her personality.

According to toe reading, her right foot shows that she is a very passionate person and a people pleaser. She is very loyal and has the ability to finish any task she puts her mind to.

Looking at her left foot we can see that she is a very spiritual, compassionate woman, intuitive and very responsible. Her left second toe shows that she could use some quiet meditation time.

Thank you for reading! You can also read Part 1!

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