May shopping from Avon – Part 1

Yesterday I received my order from Avon cosmetics, but it isn’t as it looks. I didn’t buy all these things for myself. My mum, two friends and I chose a few products each. It is one of my favourite cosmetics brand because I can find objects in low prices but great quality.

For myself I bought this black nail polish for mosaic effects. I hope I use it some day soon and if the result is good I will show it to you. The other girls bought the ballerina and strawberry nail polishes and my mum a base coat which strengthens the nails. I have used a lot of Avon nail polishes and they last for many days.

Something that I really needed was a cream for stretchmarks because last year I used to have a HUGE belly and now some souvenirs have remained on me!
When I gave birth, I didn’t expect there could be anything to help with stretchmarks, but I have seen some improvement. This is the second time I’ve bought it, but the packaging has changed. I don’t know if it worked or it would have become better anyway.
And I was lucky enough to get for free the lift & firm bust.
I hope they give me the solutions they promise, I started using them today.

I love their bubble baths and I usually buy them when they have an offer. They leave your body soft and last for a long time. One of their best scents is White lily.

My mum bought this perfume which is called Soft Musk and it is very soft and feminine. I have bought it too because I like powdery scents. My mum usually buys a perfume because she likes the bottle, but I’m sure she’s going to love it.

All products have been purchased by me and the other people I have mentioned.

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