May shopping from Avon – Part 2

I had run out of mascara, so I ordered one called
super Shock max and it really shocked me. I tried it on today and I looked like I wore false eyelashes. I’m very happy.
I also needed a black eye liner, I have all shades of them, but Blackest black is the one I love.

Summer is close and now is our last chance to prepare our skin with this body oil for softness and this cream for heels for beautiful feet. My mum has bought both, I miss the time I used to live at my parents’ house and could use my mum’s cosmetics and other stuff.

This is a stick eye shadow in purple shade. Another purchase of my mum, but I may use it some time and see how it looks.

A 2 in 1 shampoo and conditioner with mango and ginger and a serum for dry ends is exactly what my hair needs as I have dry ends.

Last but not least is this firming body lotion. I opened the bottle and I couldn’t stop smelling it, I want to eat it!

All products have been purchased by me and the other people I mentioned in May shopping from Avon – Part 1

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