My wedding decoration

my bridal bouquet

On 30th June it was a hot Summer day very special for my family as it was my religious wedding and my son’s baptism. There was also a birthday surprise, I will let you know everything in a following post.

I wanted the decoration to be appropriate for both a wedding and a baptism, so I decided to use baby blue instead of another colour more suitable for a wedding.

I love roses, in my political wedding a few years ago I had a bouquet with fuchsia roses, but this time I chose white. In the centre of each flower there was a little crystal.

My lovely husband waited for me outside the church together with our son. He had seen my hair and makeup before he left from home, but he hadn’t seen my dress.

white lantern


We decided to get married in our neighbourhood’s church which is also the place I was baptised.


decorative ball


bell tower
blue outdoor decoration
white candle
Blue was the main colour of the outdoor decoration.
white flowers

candle and flowers



church decoration

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