Travelling to America and India

A few days ago my first international jewellery giveaway closed. I have already announced the winners. The first winner is Kristi from Wyosparkles who gets a Swarovski set and the second winner is Puja from Cute nails who gets a set made with mother of pearl.

I have created the items with material I bought myself. The swarovski necklace has a silver clasp. They have never been used. Making accessories is my favourite hobby, but I rarely wear any.

So my gifts are travelling to the USA and India. I would love to go with them.
The funny thing is when I would make the video to choose the winners I couldn’t remember where I had put the gifts. Fortunately, they were at the second place I looked.
Before announcing the winner I had taken some photos while I was writing your names on small pieces of paper and putting them in the glass. But I posted so quickly about the results that I couldn’t include the photos.
This candle holder was a wedding gift and the first time I saw it I thought it would be good for selecting my giveaway winners.
I wanted to make a better video, but we did it very quickly during my husband’s break from work while the baby was sleeping. So, there was no time for me to dress up and put makeup on. Next time I may ask my son to choose the winners.
So many days after the selection of the winners, I haven’t removed the pieces of paper yet. I think I will keep them as a souvenir from my first giveaway. Thank you all for taking part!!!
So, girls, your gifts are on their way. I have already sent them. I hope you receive them very soon and like them. I have a small surpise for each of you in your packet.

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